Eva-Based Glue

EVA-Based Glue

These adhesives known as Ethylene Vinyl Acetate and called EVA constitute the most frequently used type of glue. In these glues, which are produced as filling, the level of quality is significantly related to the ratio of filling. Less filling ratio means higher product quality. Various materials are used as filling material. The most frequently used filling material is calcite, which is commonly known as "marble dust".


The greatest reason behind such a high preference and popular use of EVA based glueswhich are intensively consumed is the fact that they are economic products. Price and quality are significantly related with the ratio of filling. The higher the filling substance ratio, the lower the price and quality of the product. It is also possible to find transparent products with a zero filling ratio; yet, as expected, their prices are higher than the average. However, since the result will be achieved by using them less, they are not that expensive when compared to others.


The softening points of EVA based gluesare not standard, and this point will vary for products manufactured by each company. At this point, what is important is the factors such as the customer's decision, area to be used, and type and speed of the machinery. However, it should be kept in mind that the heat resistance of the product decreases as the softening point gets lower. However, in sectors and products requiring an earlier and easier melting, this feature is a reason for preference. For instance, in applications on PVC, since deformation will occur when the temperature is high, products with lower softening points are preferred.