Lamination Glue


Lamination Glue

Being a product used in textile factories and ensuring the adhesion of fabrics,  lamination glue is composed of chemical substances. It is very strong. Therefore, it is a product of preference for fabrics in textile factories. Being vastly demanded, the glue has a wide area of production. Its production increases in each case. The glue is included among the best products also because of its water-proof quality.


Lamination glue ensures extremely strong adhesion to fabrics, sponges, mats and interlinings, thanks to its solid and soft structure. It protects fabrics with its elastic structure. This glue must be approved by the Ministry of Health as well. Its chemical structure may damage the body. Generally, at sites of production,  lamination glue can be produced up to 3.000 meters. Also, the heat-resistant quality of this glue plays an important role in its preference. It takes form easily and works without problems. It consists of a film coated with a shiny material.


The glue directly adheres to the material which needs to be laminated and then never leaves that part easily. It is of PVC composition and used without any rusting at all. Materials adhered with this glue are put into service without any damage. Its long-lasting nature offers easier areas of use. The glue is used in motor-driven machinery with highly-sensitive cylinders and adjustable revolver head pressure. This glue, which is not very expensive at all, is both wallet- and product-friendly. The product, which is very much preferred in Europe as well, has become a qualified and indispensable product for Turks, too.