Wood Glue

Wood Glue

Being water-resistant and very effective for gluing wood on wood, wood glue is often used by furniture makers, carpenters and woodsmiths and is a very good choice for those who engage in workwood as a hobby.


Short clamp duration is a significant indicator of quality and it is important for the quality and strength of wood gluethat the clamp duration remains between 20 and 30 minutes without exceeding this interval. Further, it is another factor indicating the quality of wood glueif the adhesive agent being used becomes cured within 24 hours.


The product, which is suitable for the use of hard or soft wood and wooden composite, can also be used in areas which must be resistant to moisture, such as window ledges and bathroom doors. Fit for use on chipboards, the product also finds an area of use on fixed edge coatings with wooden sticks. Wood glues, which offer satisfying results when used on movement-intensive areas such as stairs, ensure desired results on surfaces, wooden joints and assembly operations with ease of application. Further, adhesion joints are invisible whereas rounded glue joints are elastic.


Other matters requiring attention while choosing a product are as follows: The product should not contain coloring agents, not leave any trace that may distort the natural wooden look, not go yellow or shine.


Apart from all these, a quality wood glueshould not contain any toxic substances hazardous for human health, and as it is water-based, it should be cleaned easily with water whenever necessary to do so.