2004 –Establishment, production of glues for the woodwork sector begins at Gebze production plant


2006- With the commencement of the production of emulsion polymers for Textile and Paper-Packaging sectors, a significant growth was achieved by providing high-quality products to relevant sectors.


2009- A direct sales organization for corporate customers was established under the name of Betapol.


2010- A cooperation agreement was signed with Celanese, one of the biggest binder companies across the world, within the scope of EVA-based products intended for the textile sector.


2012- A direct sales volume of 20 million TL was achieved. An R&D investment was made for technical textile and pigment printing sector.


2013- In the line of changing trends in the sector and market needs, agreements of cooperation were signed with company expert in their fields, within the scope of hotmelt and SBR Latex product groups.


2014- Corporate identity of Betapol adhesives was created. Studies for the purpose of increasing brand recognition are continuing.