Our Quality Policies


Our Quality Policies

Our Quality Policies

ISO 9001 Quality Management

Our quality principle is to provide our customers with products above national and international standards as well as our customers' own expectations.

ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems

As Betapol, with our R&D developments and environment-friendly products we produce, we not only care for human health and protect environment always but also aim to maintain our environment-friendly character with respect to our products and services, to keep under control, decrease and prevent those factors causing pollution in the future.

ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction

Complaints and demands stated by our customers are assessed, solved and replied with a transparent, objective and fair approach within the shortest time possible by protecting all details of our customers according to our privacy policy.

By arranging our solution period in a way which will recover the losses of our customers, we demonstrate a 'customer oriented' approach in the evaluation period of customer feedbacks and in all our other activities.

ISO 50001 Environmental Management Systems

It is our fundamental principle to protect the sources of energy which enable our production and services and to pass them down to generations to come. In line with this principle, determining purposes and objectives for an effective energy management, we commit to ensure constant improvement, to realize the use of renewable energy in the production of our company by determining the energy dimensions of our activities, and to design the products we produce within the scope of energy efficiency.

OHSAS 18001 Occupational Safety and Worker's Health

It is our fundamental principle to determine necessary actions for the risks that may arise from our activities and services and to ensure their implementation, thus protecting the safety and health of our visitors, suppliers, local people, our customers and employees at the highest level that is possible. Sustainability, protection of the environment and the health of human being, the most precious being, constitute our understanding of life.