Our Partners

Celanese is a chemistry company with 27 production plants across the world and with international strategic partnerships, providing binders and chemical products to many sectors such as paint and coating, textile, automotive, medical, paper-packaging, construction applications being at the first place.

We cooperate with Celanese company within the scope of products for the textile sector. In the relevant product group of Celanese company, we are their sole authorized supplier in Turkey.

Lem Fox is one of AICA group companies with 3 different production plants in Asia-Pacific region, providing water-based emulsion, solvent-based emulsion and hotmelt products to sectors such as woodwork, hygiene, paper-packaging, automotive, Non-woven, shoe and home textile.

Hansol is a company that produces chemical additives and binders to many sectors, paper technology and production constituting their most important line of business. We cooperate with Hansol company within the scope of SBR Latex products for the carpet sector.