Our high performance products suitable for manual and automatic machinery applications in the cellophane sector operate flawlessly under any regional and climate condition and are preferred by the leading companies within the sector.

We produce our water based emulsion and hotmelt products suitable for box sealing, bookbinding and paper lamination applications with prescriptions in conformity with legal regulations of FDA and REACH on environment and human health.

The most important production criteria in the Paper-Packaging sector applications consist of high adhesive performance and high application speed of the glue being used. As Betapol, we carry out R&D activities in consideration of such criteria with respect to the products we design, and provide effective solutions in line with our customers' expectations.


Prominent Features

-High Adhesive Power

-Adjustable Application Rate

-High performance in cylinder and nozzle applications

-High performance in different types of machinery

-Solid and elastic film characteristic