Acting according to the principle of "a high-quality product requires high-quality raw material", we pay attention to design our products in such a way to work flawlessly under optimum conditions during use.

Of woodwork sector applications, for edge banding and profile wrapping, we offer filled and unfilled, solvent hotmelt products with high performance and high heat resistance.

In the production of membrane press glues, taking regional circumstances into consideration, we continue to offer individual solutions to our customers with single- and double-component products.

With D2 and D3 glues, in conformity with TS-5430 EN 204 standards, Betapol provides high-quality products with high water resistance for the woodwork sector.


Prominent Features

-Conformity with the standards

-Non-hazardous products for the environment and human health

-Solid and elastic film formation

-Adaptation to climate conditions

-Rapid application rate

-Simplicity for nozzle applications